Colorful Apartment Defined By Intense Contrasts

An apartment as colorful and this one always stands out, especially when it’s also decorated with taste and style. This particular space can be found in a building which was designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer. The apartment’s interior was designed by Gislene Lopes who chose to use here lots of strong colors and to combine them with a large array of textures and patterns.

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The result is a very powerful visual impact. The apartment is very colorful but it’s also very harmoniously decorated. Although there are lots of colors in there, they all complement each other in beautiful ways and they interact with the textures and patterns in a very harmonious way. Of course, it all differs from one room to another and this is another element that makes this apartment so interesting and special.

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Although the interior décor is not consistent throughout the apartment, there’s a strong cohesion between all the rooms and thus the interior design is well-balanced and comfortable. The style chosen for the interior is minimalist and modern.The use of strong colors gives the apartment a more vibrant allure and doesn’t let it become monotonous and similar to other such spaces.

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All the rooms have personality and the overall ambiance is very stylish and dynamic. Although the changes made may seem radical, the renovation of the apartment also involved preserving some of the original elements such as the mahogany floors.