Colorful and versatile bar stool designs from Delight

A bar stool, just like any other accent piece or accessory, can be the element that introduces color and beauty into a décor. They are the perfect piece for this purpose. A bar stool’s characteristics go beyond functionality. And since comfort is a relative concept in this case as a bar stool can never be very cozy, the remaining feature to focus on is the aesthetic of the piece. It’s why bar stools are often the focal point of a kitchen’s décor and they are an element that catches the eye with all sorts of unusual details.

Delight bar stools 01

Quite often, bar stools feature unusual designs. The unconventional look is given by strange shapes, bold colors and unique geometry. Moreover, bar stools are versatile pieces of furniture which you can use in kitchens, bars, on terraces and in a variety of other spaces, both indoor and outdoor. The Mambound Maxi Mambo is a wonderful example of how you can impress your guests and complement the décor with something that’s simple yet very interesting. These bar stools were designed by Archirivolto Design.

The collection includes several variants of designs. They differ in small details, mostly visible on the base of the stools. The element that brings them together is the top. The top of these beautiful bar stools is made of transparent glass. It may feature different colors which you can combine and match as you wish. Glass is an unusual material to use for a seat but it’s also one that makes these designs very special.