The Wine Crate Challenge: Fun New Ways To Use Them

How interesting do you really find wine crates? This may seem like a strange and even funny question. Some people don’t even think twice before throwing out an empty wine crate. Others see them as treasure and always come up with new and interesting ways of using them. One thing is certain: there are many ways in which a wine crate can be repurposed so perhaps the following examples can change your mind.


A wine crate can make a really beautiful wall shelf. The transformation in this case would be a very simple DIY project. You should choose a color for your new shelf. Then paint the wine crate and allow it to dry. Once this part is done, you can choose to cover the bottom of the crate with some patterned paper or to paint it as well if you prefer simplicity. Then all that’s left to do is display your new shelf on the wall.{found on theplungeproject}.

Box shelves on wall

A similar transformation is also described on adelerotella. In fact, here you can find several different options for decorating the wine crates and then turning them into box shelves. One option is to paint the side panels white and to use a pastel color for the bottom panel. A different idea is to only focus on decorating the bottom of the crate, leaving everything else as it is.

wine crates storage and display

Shelves aren’t the only possibility. There are plenty of other ways in which you can repurpose a wine crate. For example, you can put several crates together and make a sort of wall unit or bookcase. You can mix and match different crates of different shapes, sizes and colors for a diversified design.

Wine crates on wheels

Or perhaps you’d enjoy more to add some storage under your living room coffee table. The idea is ingenious and quite simple. You’d need either one or two wine crates, depending on how big they are and on the dimensions of the coffee table. You have to attach castors on them so you can easily roll them out. You can also label each crate. This idea comes from thediyvillage.

Pantry storage on wheels

A rolling storage crate can be useful in a lot of situations. In fact, any home could use one. All you need to do in order to repurpose a wine crate is attach four castors to the bottom and two handles to the sides. This way you’ll be able to easily roll it around as desired and to pick it up when needed. Find out more about this project on frugelegance.

Wine Crate Storage for towels

Wine crate storage is very versatile and can be used in just about any room. You can use such a crate to store extra blankets or pillows in the bedroom, towels in the bathroom, utensils in the kitchen or tools in the garage. If you want to customize the crate a little bit and maybe change its look, you can find some suggestions on sandandsisal.

Wood crate for wine storage

There’s also another interesting thing you can make out of a simple wine crate: a wine rack. The project is featured on myanythingandeverything. As you can see, it’s not a difficult project. The main thing to keep in mind is that you need to add partitions so you can divide the crate into four compartments. After that, painting it is a very easy process.