Colorful and friendly egg shaped chair

I often wonder how the baby turtles or baby chicken feel like when they first come out into the real world. Now it’s easier for me to imagine it thanks to this egg shaped chair. Karim Rashid, the ingenious mind that designed it, calles it Martela Koop.It is a very friendly chair, with soft lines and bright colors. Because of its aesthetic appearance, it would be an appropriate choice for the children’s room. The shape, as well as the colors, are very well chosen for this purpose.

Egg shpaed chair

But I’m sure that not only the kids would love this chair. And why would they be only ones allowed to have such a fun chair in their room? That’s the thing: they are not the only ones. This chair would integrate perfectly in anyone’s room, kid or adult. It’s very comfortable and it adds some color to the surroundings.