Colorful Alpes Kitchen by Karim Rashid

Kitchen should be a place where the joy and dynamism should not be absent. Here there is made the most delicious food, you can spend great moments cooking for someone dear or you may relax and enjoy a nice meal gathered around the family dinner table. It is a place which should inspire happiness, joy and even creativity. Those who love funny and creative things can think of some ingenious designs for their kitchen and use the same spirit and abilities even for some of their favored dishes. A place which is full of color and life will always be perfect for creative things where you also need plenty of imagination.

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The European company Abet Laminati took all these ideas into consideration and created some cheerful and lovely kitchens with a little help from designer Karim Rashid. The designer is famous for his special and amazing eye-catching designs. Thus his new Alpes Kitchen Collection could not look differently and followed the same special style .The collection includes fridge, microwave, dishwasher, pantry, and cupboards with two doors which will definitely cheer up any kitchen.

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The designer used an artistic style based on a laminate finish which features an abstract like painting. There are used vivid colors that will bring a lot of optimism and color in the kitchen. Those who are not so attracted to this type of finish must know that the collection is also available in a natural oak wood finish which will help them create a more natural atmosphere in their kitchen.