Colorful 170 square meters apartment in Sao Paulo

This colorful place is a 170 square meters apartment. It’s located in Sao Paulo and it has been decorated by Claudia Pecego’s office. Specialized in architecture and decoration, Claudia Pecego used to work with several major architectural firms in Sao Paulo. Eventually she decided to open her own office and she currently directs a team of architects, designers and developers whose main goal is to make the costumers happy.This is only one of the team’s projects. The apartment is located in Sao Paulo and is owned by a couple who wanted a bright and happy home. They decided to work with Claudia Pecego’s team.They wanted colorful and practical furniture that would facilitate the everyday routine of the couple and their young son. They also needed the apartment to be ready in a short period of time and this posed some problems but at the end everything worked out wonderfully.

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Claudia suggested that the space would be redistributed and turned into a more functional structure. As a result, the main living area, even though narrow, managed to be transformed into an inviting and cozy space. This area features a large sofa and a dining table as well and one of the walls has been covered with a large wall unit. There’s a lot of storage space and the rest of the pieces have been cleverly distributed around the room.

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In order to redistribute the space, the kitchen has lost some length. The kitchen is separated from the living area by sliding doors. The owners requested bright yellow cabinets in the kitchen and this really helps cheer up the atmosphere. The yellow cabinets further invade a part of the dining room. Overall, the apartment is cheerful, friendly and colorful. It seems like a great home for a small modern family.{found on casadevalentina}.