Colored summer flowers quilted bedding for girls

Although it is still May, people already dream at the beautiful summer days. They think of the sunny days, the relaxing vacations, the hot beaches and the cooling waves of the sea. They already try to make plans and think how they can take advantage of every sunny day.
If you think of your summer vacation too and the lovely activities you can do on a sandy beach while you admire the beautiful sea and you want to feel all these things closer, perhaps the image of a joyful North Shore Quilted Bedding is a solution. Thus you may bring inside your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom the beauty, the dynamism, optimism and joy of these summer days.

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It is a hand crafted quilt with images of waves, fish, colored summer flowers, stripes and appliquéd surfboards, surrounded by wavy blue, pink and white borders. Even the choice of colors is a source of happiness and optimism. They will definitely make you feel more relaxed and dynamic.

Pink kids beddingView in gallery

The comfort of this lovely bedding is provided by the softness of pure cotton and the fact that it can be pre-washed. There are also other features that make you convince that it is a nice and relaxing bedding for a joyful bedroom of your home. Kids will adore the lovely fish, surfboards or the cute flowers that appear on it and the nice colors like pink, light blue, light green and white.North Shore Quilted Bedding may also transform your bedroom into an exotic place and imagine that you are already on a sandy beach and ready to try some awesome surfboards. For a price of € 26.64-  € 154.93 it can definitely be yours!