Colored kitchens

You might expect to have special designs in mind only for the bedroom and the living room, as they are the most important rooms in the house. But the bathroom and the kitchen are important, too and they should be treated with equal importance. Because, as far as I am concerned, I can’t cook or work in a place that I do not like, a kitchen that is not well arranged and nice-looking.So I think colorful kitchens make you feel alive and happy, willing to work in a nice kitchen.

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Warm colors are perfect for obtaining this effect and they are more full of light , too, which is a positive effect on the whole house. In the first picture you can see a very sweet combination of colors: the pinkish shade on the walls completes perfectly with the whiteness of the furniture and give an amazing result.

Kitchen Design Ideas Modern in Black 587x369View in gallery

The yellow kitchen is perfect in combination of yellow and brown, especially the chairs and the table, but there can be a lot of options. If you play a bit with the tiles and the wooden flooring you can get related shades of yellow and in the end a very optimistic and lively kitchen.

Kitchen Design Ideas Modern in Black 587x369

Well, the last one is a bit more special, as it is mainly black. Actually the furniture is black, but the overall dark effect is lowered by the whiteness of the walls and the ivory flooring. This is the perfect example of modern kitchen that is more likely to be found in a bachelor’s house. If a woman ever enters this kitchen you will immediately see a colorful spot in a corner, somewhere.