Color Trends For 2011

Wondering what are the color trends for the New Year – 2011? According to the color experts, none of the colors get outdated completely. Instead, the colors are known to evolve. Let me explain this further, for instance, lime green may be outdated this year and avocado green may take its place.

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Color trends for the year 2011 for the current year are expected to be very exciting. Neutral shades will be used after being pervaded with splashes of varied colors, thereby making the area of application interesting and bright. As people are expected to spend more time in their homes, the color scheme of beige and off white will be outdated as they appear to be depressing. Expect blasts of colors to be used in all parts of the house to make the ambience exquisite and exciting.  In addition, please do not restrict the color trends to only the walls and ceiling but extend it to furnishings, light fixtures, window treatments, accessories and accent pieces.

1) Honeysuckle.

Honeysuckle color shall be the color of the year. It is an energetic and vibrant shade and shall assist the owners to create a brave and bold environment. The color shall be used in all the seasons.

2) Vintage wine.

Vintage wine hue is expected to rule the color palette this year. Often seen on the fashion stages and runways of Milan, Paris and New York, the dark shade shall look amazing on the walls of a home.

3) Citrus yellow.

Citrus yellow being a color of freshness, optimism and hope, will be used to dress the walls of home. Color yellow is known to minimize anxiety and stress and enhance relaxation. The color will be used more in private rooms and bedrooms than common spaces and living room.

4) Dark blue.

As the presence of black is expected to diminish this year, dark blue shade and other tones similar to it shall replace black. The color will be used for the accent walls and other applications.

5) Green.

With green technology being given a lot of importance, green color in various shades will be in used in varied ways besides being used for green products and companies.

6) Bright red.

Dark red is not expected to be used this year. Instead, bright red being a color of hope and tranquility will be used.