Color Options For The Kitchen

Color is the main factor that determines the ambiance in a room and, depending on the function of a space, the colors you choose for the décor can differ from case to case. The kitchen, for example, gives you great flexibility when choosing the palette.

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Warm colors – if you decide to use warm colors in the kitchen, such as orange, yellow or even red, then you’ll be able to easily make them blend in with any type of décor, whether it’s modern, traditional or rustic. Make sure to balance the tones. If you use bright red on the walls, then the furniture should be neutral-colored. It’s important for the kitchen to have a stimulating design but don’t go overboard.

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Cool colors – colors such as blue or green are associated with nature and can have a refreshing impact on the kitchen décor. They also look great in combination with any style. In addition, cool colors are known to create a relaxing ambiance in the room. You can also use them to give your kitchen tropical look. Take into consideration the size of the room when choosing the colors. Light shades are great for smaller kitchens while darker tones look nice in large spaces.

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Neutral colors – Most people associate neutral colors with boring and dull environments. However, this is not necessarily always the case. Neutral colors provide an elegant look and also a versatile base for playing with colorful accessories and artwork. Neutral colors such as pristine white, antique ivory, sandy brown and slate gray are some popular options for the kitchen area.

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Mixed colors – if you wish to create a dynamic look for your kitchen then you should go for mixed colors. It’s a nice way of creating focal points in the room, you can use different colors on each wall or create eye-catching combinations. Mix bold shades with neutral tones for a harmonious effect or combine two vibrant colors that complement each other.