Color Field Rug from CB2

Spring is my favourite time of the year because this is when nature comes back to life and you can see all the possible colours in the world brought together on a piece of land.They are the spring flowers, coloured in all the shades and tints, spread in the forest, in the fields and in any clearing. Fields are like canvas for an imaginative painter who thought of using all the colours at the same time. So it is perfect when a painter and a designer are one and the same person, as beautiful things will surely be created. This Color Field Rug from CB2 is the proof of it.

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Green carpet1View in gallery

The painter’s name is Anne Connolly and she created this great design for the rugs manufactured by Creativity Explored . The rug is 100% handtufted fine wool and has a cotton backing for more stability and for preventing it fr slipping on the floor. The rug is made in India and uses natural materials and these two features are the same with long tradition and high quality. Besides, the rug is now available for purchase for just $399, directly from CB2. So if you want to have a combination of colours and the comfort of thick rugs that cover your floor, you can have this one now.