Color Confusion – How To Make The Best Choice

Whether you’re painting the interior of your home yourself or you leave it to a professional, one of the most important steps is choosing the color. The right can have a wonderful positive effect on the whole space but if you choose the wrong one that will impact the décor and the ambiance in a lot of ways.

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When choosing the paint color, location is important. So take into consideration that and, for example, if you want to paint the bedroom walls, pick a relaxing and soothing color to create a pleasant ambiance and if you’re painting the living room choose warm colors to create a cozy atmosphere.

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The lighting conditions also need to be taken into consideration when choosing the paint color for a space. If the room is dark and doesn’t get much natural light during the day, then perhaps light shades would work well there. And if pick a really bold color, make sure you use it in a bright space or it will change its tone.

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The paint color, apart from influencing the overall décor of the space, can also do a lot of other things. For example, it can define the spaces in an open floor plan. You can have an accent wall that makes the dining area stand out or you can paint the part of the ceiling above the kitchen a different color.

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Color can also enhance the function of a space. For example, a living room or a seating area can feel a lot cozier and more welcoming if a warm and pleasant color is used for the walls and ceiling. Similarly, the bedroom can be more relaxing and tranquil if you choose the right color.

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Then there’s also another element to take into consideration. Color can make a small space feel larger and a big room feel cozier. It’s easy actually. The usual practice is to use light colors for small rooms or to paint the walls and the ceiling the same color to make the room seem bigger.

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But in order for you to choose the right color for the right space, you need to know how color works. In other words, you need to explore the concept of color psychology a little bit. Sure, pretty much anyone knows that red is an energetic color and light blue is relaxing. But there’s more to color than that and various specific shades have a different meaning.

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Vibrant orange, for example, is a fun and happy color which you can use in spaces such as the living room or the kitchen.

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Deep purple is a rich color with a royal allure and it looks great in sophisticated decors. It has a versatile character and you can use it pretty much anywhere in the house.

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Yellow is joyful and friendly and you can use it to brighten up a small room or to make a space feel fresh and vibrant.

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Lime is also a very refreshing shade. You can use it in the kitchen and the bathroom but it can just as well look great as an accent color in the living area or the dining room.

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Ivory is a classic and it suits traditional decors and formal spaces. However, it’s also a warm and comforting color which you can use to create an inviting and warm ambiance in the social spaces.{found on stephaniewiley}.