Color Block Tile Tables

I love tiles on the floor because they are colourful and I can make all kinds of patterns from them and this way arrange my rooms in a very personal way. Besides, tiles are very useful because they can easily be cleaned with little effort and they are also pretty resistant. But I first heard the idea of making tile tables a few years ago. My father in law built a small table for my balcony and he still needed a few inches of board inside the table top. But he had an incredible idea: why don’t we use a few tiles for this, since there were some unused ones right there? And I admit I now have a pretty unusual, but lovely table in my balcony that is made half of wood and half of tiles. But some other people thought it would be a good idea to make a table entirely of tiles.

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Color black tile tables

This amazing Color Block Tile Tables is totally colourful and beautiful. It is made of red and black tiles, in a classic conservative style. The ceramic tiles are shiny and resistant and they are covered with zinc for extra protection and then powder coated with a gloss finish. That allows the tables to be used outdoors with no problem. The patterns displayed on the table top can be individualized and personalized according to your wish and the table is now available for $252 on Potted Store.