“Colonie” – creativity & thoughtfulness

Following the concept of sustainability, the architect Alex Meyers of MA Design meant to build a restaurant using recycled materials; he put everything together with new products in order to acquire that rustic “barn house”. His creativity and vision resulted into something new and beautiful, an example of thoughtfulness that can be seen in the historical Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York City.

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Thus, Colonie stands for an always-fresh destination.Reclaimed wood was used for floors, ceilings and tabletops, the two banquettes in the front windows, just like the one along the left side of the dining room and the bar mirror, meaning antiqued glass encased in a frame, everything contributes to the general effect, that of a very cozy place where  anyone can feel at ease. The steel beams that serves as a chandelier above the dining area gives a pleasant note to the entire atmosphere, just like the Edison bulbs bring warmth to the heavy steel, being at the same time industrial and charming.

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But the bet part of Colonie is the open kitchen, with its white subway tiles, shelves stocked with dishware and piles of pots and pans above the stove; all these turn the bar seating into a desirable space. The communal dining table anchored by the steel beam that can be adjusted for parties provides the most important aspect, that of a cozy ambiance. The main intention is given by the design itself, as it evokes that unique experience of a large shared family meal and an urban barn-house.{found on yatzer}.