Collections: How to Collect and Display Interesting Items

Collections are a great way to add personality and interest to your home. But it can also just be fun to find and display your favorite types of items. Whether you already have an established collection or are just thinking about starting one, there are many things to consider when displaying large collections in your home. Here are some tips to make your collections work well with your home décor.

Consider Your Theme.

Collection display sun room

If you haven’t chosen a collection yet, it’s important to pick a theme that interests you, but also one that will mix well with your overall décor aesthetic. Collections don’t necessarily need to consist of just one type of item, but can instead by items from a particular era, style, or color.


If you already have a collection going, consider which room or part of your space the collection will fit in with best. If you collect teacups, for instance, they would probably look most at home in your kitchen. But if you collect old typewriters they would probably look better in your home office.

Designate a Space.

Collection display sun room
Collection display sun room

Once you have decided on your collection and what room it fits best with, you’ll need to choose an actual space. You’ll need to consider the size of your items and your collection. You may need to designate an entire cabinet or shelf for your items, or you could just mix them in with other types of items on a bookshelf or similar area.

Mix and Match.

Collection display sun room

Styling your collection is the next step. Consider things like color, texture, and size when arranging your items. Try arranging all of your items together or mixed in with other items from the same era or that complement the colors and style of your collection. Try as many different combinations as you’d like. You can even take pictures of the different arrangements to compare them side-by-side if you’re having trouble deciding.

Change It Up


As your collection evolves, you’ll also need to change how you display it. Don’t just add items haphazardly. Instead, reconsider your entire display every time you add a few new pieces. This will keep your collection looking fresh and updated, instead of crowded and messy. It will also keep the whole act of collecting a little more fun.

Collection display sun room

Starting a collection is first and foremost a fun hobby. But collections can also add character to your home if you display them the right way.The tips above can help you keep your collections organized and appealing.