Cold interior design with marble and metal furnishing

When we think about a house and its interior, the picture that comes into our minds contains always what we’ve seen over the years.Because of this fact and if we’re from a normal, traditional family, we picture any interior to be cozy, with fluffy pillows and comfortable couches , wooden floors etc. This concept by Jean Maxime Labrecue over here changes everything you knew about indoor living. This design represents the exact opposite of what we know regarding interior design.

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This is quite hostile, with shiny marble floors and metal furnishing. The shapes are also not very friendly: sharp edges and straight lines. There is a high contrast between the bare concrete walls and the shiny box shaped furniture. Except for these elements there isn’t anything else. The entire design is based on modern simplicity and minimalism. All the drawers and storage areas are embedded into a system that extends and retracts into the wall. The lighting system is almost inexistent, fulfilling only a basic function with some light bulbs.

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The bathroom is following the same line but in the opposite color. To be honest I think it looks like a recording studio, with soundproofed walls. Anyway, this building is something else, it is bold and interesting, but in the same time not suited for those who want a comfortable chair or couch to watch TV, with the kids playing around.