Coir Door Mats

All of us have door mats in front of our homes, but we rarely give this a thought. We just buy the door mat the moment we move in and then again when it is too torn and this draws our attention. The rest of the time we just rub our feet to it out of habit without even noticing it. Any way, the door mat is very useful because if we don’t have one we would bring all the dirt inside and spread it on the floors and all over the carpets. So I guess it really is important, as it collects the dirt and germs on our shoes and keeps them out. Manufacturers use all kinds of materials for door mats, but I found these Coir Door Mats and I think they are amazing.

IDMATThese door mats are functional and very durable and they are made of coir, which is coconut fibre. This material is 100% natural and totally ecologic and also looks very nice in the twisted pattern of the rope mat. Some models have metallic insertions in order to offer more resistance and also to wipe the dirt off the shoes. If you like them like I do you can choose your favourite and purchase it for a price between View in gallery