Coffee tables by Liana Yaroslavsky

Man is a human being that has always used his fantasy to create special things. Imagination, creativity, talent and work are the main ingredients if you want to produce a valuable and beautiful thing.Liana Yaroslavsky is one of these types of people who designed these three types of coffee tables using a lot of fantasy and imagination.

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All these coffee tables are elegant, made of transparent glass and look like some aquariums. Inside of them you will not find fish but some interesting objects which will underline the designer’s fantasist style.These three models are called:” O2”, “Table” and “L’O”.

“O2” is a funny and elegant coffee table. Its name and model makes you think of the oxygen bubbles that you find in the mineral water. The one hundred balls of Murano blown glass make you also think of the soap bubbles from your relaxing bath or those that float in the air made of some funny kids.“L’O” is another elegant coffee table which its interior is made from hundreds of blown glass. It looks like a curtain, made of columns of crystals.

“Table” is a coffee table that exposes a broken crystal chandelier which might represent a precious piece that you would like to keep it inside of this coffee table which will always remind you of a certain special moment.