Coffee-Laptop Table

I’m sure that your coffee tables are used for work also. But what if your coffee table can be transformed in a laptop table ? For those who work at home, which is specially the case of webmasters, this combination of coffee table and laptop table is a cool and very useful piece of furniture.

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The simple mechanism that brings the table closer to the person sitting can make a big difference in terms of the potential back discomfort that can be caused by leaning forward to use a laptop on a coffee table. But now you won’t be needing to do that anymore. A lot of people tend to have problems in the morning when they would normally have to drink their coffee and then go somewhere else, preferably a more comfortable place, to work. Instead they choose to bring their work to the coffee table. The reason is laziness.

But when your back starts to hurt you wish you were less lazy and went to sit on your desk. Or even better, you could have bought  this coffee-laptop-table. Do it now and save time later.