A New Coffee Bistro In Prague With An Unusual Theme

The Proti Proudu Bistro is located in the Karlin neighborhood of Prague in the Czech Republic. It was designed by Mimosa architekti in collaboration with Modulora and it proposes an interesting concept. The interior design seems to have been inspired by electrical current.


The main attraction and the most important design element is a bar wall made of perforated white plywood. The perforations form a grid which connects the entire network of wires.


The interesting detail is that each of the lights in the bistro is operated individually and the location of the switches on the grid is an accurate reflection of the real position of the lights in the room. This grid makes it easy to identify the position of the pendant lights and easy to operate the switches as the clients come and go.


A number of other elements also connect to the grid wall. In fact, it contains everything, from those switches and wires to the open shelves holding all the glassware.


Apart from this statement accent wall, the interior design is quite simple. The walls and ceiling are painted white and this allows the black cables and the pendant lamps to form geometric patterns. The stone floor pattern looks great in combination with the oak counters and all the small individual tables.


The table and bar chairs have traditional designs. The Banana chair and its matching counter stool are part of the Bentwood Collection by Ton A. S. A series of Ironica chairs in black adds a little bit of contrast with the others although the styles are similar.


All the exposed cables and the all the steel elements offer the bistro an industrial flair which is emphasizes by another element: the rusty counter with the motto “In coffee we trust”. This one stands out and contrasts with the rest of the materials and textures used throughout but, at the same time, it reveals the essence of the style chosen for the project by linking a few secondary details.



Image credits: Jakub Skokan, Martin Tům BoysPlayNice.