Cocoon by Mảns Salomonsen

Usually in the kitchen we have useful things. We are interested in getting something to eat. Here we may speak less about creativity or imagination, perhaps when we are cooking something or we are decorating our food in order to impress, to attract or get a tasteful image.Kitchen should become a place where usefulness is combined with beauty. In order to like what we cook or to do this activity, we should think how to make our kitchen look more comfortable and attractive.

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The Swedish designer Mảns Salomonsen created Cocoon, device which combined life and colour .He intends to bring life into our kitchen by growing spices and colour by depositing fruits and vegetables, using this device.A cocoon represents a new life, a new being, who intends to appear in the world and at the same time it stores it. The designer based his device on these elements.The cocoon is a piece of decoration and is very useful for the kitchen too.

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