Coconut Chandelier

While some people try to use metals and scraps to bring the design of the works closer to the industrial design, some other try to return to all the natural materials their fathers and ancestors used in the past and they do this job so well that everybody likes it. This product is the best example, as it has a very modern design, but uses coconut stripes, which is natural material and also makes it look amazing. The Coconut Chandelier is something unexpected, a lighting fixture that takes you by surprise. It is large and impressive and very detailed and it succeeds bringing some of the topical air into your dining room or living room, wherever you decide to place it.


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All these delicate coconut strips are placed on a wire frame that has a polished nickel finish and hangs from the ceiling with a dramatic visual effect. You will need three 60W bulbs to make it work properly, but the light that comes through all the strips is gentle and the visual impact is absolutely fantastic. It is not very hard to have it installed and once you have it in your house, you will love it. And this for the price of $129.99 if you order it online now from West Elm.