Coconut Chair

Nowadays the modern furniture has all kinds of shapes and looks, an unusual design and colour, but this change in the furniture design has started a long time ago, some time back in the 1950s. Even if this seems incredible there were some visionary designers like George Nelson who designed masterpieces which are still produced and admired by people all over the world. One of his most famous works is called the Coconut chair because it looks like a coconut split in four that offers you comfort and beauty.

George nelson coconut chair

George nelson coconut chairIt is a combination of usefulness, comfort and artistry. The base of this chair is made of chrome and steel and has a leather seat. This offers grace and elegance and the fact that its interior is black and the outside white only enhances this feature. The white finish on the outside is made of fiberglass and this shows a combination of modern and traditional. Even though the source of inspiration is nature and its organic part, the chair is totally modern and simple in structure, even minimalist, but nice-looking. You can buy it now for $325 at Regency Shop.