Cobalt Blue & Why Home Decor Loves It

Cobalt blue. It’s that mysteriously energizing shade between indigo and royal blue that is everywhere these days. What is it about this color that makes it work so well in various styles and spaces? Its versatility makes cobalt as at home in luxe, sophisticated spaces as in kids’ rooms; in large whole-room doses or a tiny punch of color on a shelf.

Cobalt blue decorView in gallery

Let’s check out how cobalt blue effectively and stylistically impacts home décor in a variety of ways.

Cobalt blue sofaView in gallery

A cobalt blue tufted sofa looks right at home in an edgy, contemporary living room. It simultaneously brightens up and enhances the brick and wood tones. (It’s also smartly paired with a warm golden color, to keep the entire space unified and balanced.)

Dining room cobalt blue wallsView in gallery

by Rikki Snyder

A bold cobalt wall in the dining room is balanced with plenty of natural light, detailed box ceiling, and lots of warming natural wood tones. Notice the fantastic modern touches here (art, geometric area rug).

Sideboard cobalt blue designView in gallery

One of the benefits of using a strong color like cobalt blue in your home décor is that it instantly transforms whatever it’s on to be a showstopper. This simple dresser, decked out in cobalt, is a perfect example of a pauper-to-prince furniture transformation.

Large kitchen featuring cobalt blue color and subway tilesView in gallery

by Josh Kuchinsky

If this cobalt range and hood don’t make you want to drop what you’re doing and cook something here, I don’t know what would. A beautiful focal feature in this white kitchen.

Lime green and cobalt blue in the kitchenView in gallery

Cobalt blue, as an energizing color in and of itself, can be paired with other vibrant colors in a single space for a lively effect. (Keep the doses of both colors well edited, of course.)

Clean lined kitchen with cobalt accents homeditView in gallery

Modern white kitchens are nothing new these days, but simple, small-scaled cobalt accents make this white kitchen into something truly unique. Plus, we can appreciate the gorgeous gradients of color on a cobalt-colored glass pendant light.

Traditional kitchen cobalt designView in gallery

by James R. Salomon

When this standout color is incorporated into a space in layers, the effect is instantaneous and delightful. (Are you noticing how the chair backs mimic the stove backsplash? J’adore.)

Foot bed bench cobalt designView in gallery

A fancy cobalt blue chandelier is a unique and fantastic way to personalize a space. The color looks great in this girl’s bedroom, paired with a bit of hot pink and plenty of whites.

Cobal blue front door and windowsView in gallery

If you’re not sure how cobalt blue would fit inside your home, maybe try it outside. A splash of the color on your front door, for example, might be just the thing to wake up your tired house front (and entire neighborhood to boot!).

What about you? Would you use cobalt blue in large sweeping strokes in your home, or do you prefer a pop here or there?