Club 2 Seater from Arhaus

Are you looking for a special piece of furniture for your home? Take a look at Club 2 Seater, a very special sofa that would definitely become an eye-catching piece in any home. It’s a sofa that features a very interesting design that combines several different styles.

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The shape and design are traditional and somewhat royal-looking but the overall image is modern. The sofa features a relatively simple design with a subtle decorative pattern that adds contrast. It’s an extendable sofa so in case you have extra guests staying over, they’ll have a comfy bed to sleep on during the night. The model in the pictures features a very nice beige finish but there are lots of colors to choose from. Moreover, there’s a large variety of fabrics that can be chosen for this sofa.

Club 2 Seater is part of a larger collection that features several pieces like the Club accent chair, the Club leather ottoman or the Club leather apartment sofa. They all share the same similar design and go very well together. So if you want to add some style to your home, maybe this collection could help you. It’s elegant and even sophisticated and it would definitely complement any living room. You can personalize the pieces by choosing custom fabrics or leather in colors that match the rest of your home or in a contrastive tone.Available for 2599$.