Cloud, Rain & Dandelions: Trio Color Palettes

Sometimes we need a bit of inspiration and visual to decide where to go with our home decor. Whether you’re redecorating or starting from scratch, it’s nice to have something to look at, feel good about and grab ideas from. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together some amazing color palettes to help with your home decorating. First up … ivory clouds, rainy greys and yellow dandelions!

1. Modern.

Gray living roomView in gallery

Contemporary, modern styles don’t have to be harsh. Instead, use colors like these to create a soft, yet stylish and unique look. The grey is the perfect neutral to set a delicate foundation and the ivories and yellows create a sophisticated and sharp look that scream fashion and modernism. You can always use the ivory as a foundation as well for a brighter, more open look.

2. Eclectic.

Gray living roomView in gallery

The ivories walls create the perfect canvas for a unique look. The printed curtains, the ghost chairs mixed with the wooden table and the textured rug, all come together for a funky, eclectic style. It’s unique and trendy. And, it’s so much fun to put together. The beauty behind this trio is how dainty and inviting it is. No matter what you decide to do in the room, it will never become too harsh or busy.

3. Youthful.

Gray living roomView in gallery

It could be your teen’s bedroom or even you little graduate who’s going off to college and needs help decorating his/her dorm room! This palette is welcoming and cozy, but still super youthful and stylish. Mix modern bedding with funky artful. Mix textured pieced with sleek edges. This palette can work in lots of clutter and chaos.

4. Artistic.

Gray living roomView in gallery

Sophisticated, artistic pieces look even more unique and less kitschy with such a subtle and original palette. The ivory and gray keeps things grounded and the bouts of yellow makes just enough pop to keep interest. Sprinkle some silvers and golds around as well for a more artful and elegant flair.

5. Feminine.

Gray living roomView in gallery

This palette shines in a feminine, delicate setting. Whether you want to mix textures and decor genres, this trio comes off very womanly and soft. But what’s wrong with that? A kitchen looks phenomenal with a bit of girlish charm. And the living room will feel even more comfy with a feminine touch here or there. Simply put, these three colors are pretty and sometimes pretty is just what you need to finish off the house!

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