Closet Door Designs And How They Can Completely Change The Décor

When you choose the design for a closet, whether it’s for your bedroom, for the dressing room or for your kid’s room, you have to combine two things: looks and functionality. But what about the look? It basically all depends on the design and type you choose for the closet doors. So what options are there?

Classic mirrored doors.

Frosted glass doors

Mirrored doors are amongst the most common types people usually choose for their bedroom or dressing room closets. The mirrors reflect the décor and make the room seem more spacious, plus they’re very useful when you’re choosing your outfit and when you combine accessories.


Frosted glass doors

For the closet in your bedroom you could have, instead of closet doors, long curtains. They hide everything inside just as well and they’re more easy to operate. Also, the curtains will give the bedroom a cozy look.

Sliding doors.

Frosted glass doors

If you want to figure out what the best style is for the closer doors just treat them like any other door in the house. So, if you prefer sliding doors in general, why not have sliding doors for the closet too?

Folding doors.

Frosted glass doors

by Helen Norman

Folding doors are practical because, unlike sliding doors, they incommode you less when you’re trying to find something in the closet. Also, they give the closet a more casual look.

Barn doors.

Frosted glass doors

by Versatile Imaging

I guess this option is more suitable for dressing rooms than it is for bedrooms but you can figure out a way to fit a barn door in there too if you really want to. A massive barn door will most likely have to become a sliding door so you can operate it more easily.


Frosted glass doors

This type of closet doors is actually quite common and you probably didn’t notice they’re actually shutters until now. You can custom design doors from shutters or purchase them and simply install them, depending on the size and design.

Simple doors.

Frosted glass doors

Sometimes less is more so instead of getting a headache trying to find a type of closet doors that suits you, try something simple like these doors. They’re just plain regular doors and they give the bedroom a fresh look.

Dry-erase boards.

Frosted glass doors

Chalkboard walls or blackboards are fun to have in the house but there’s also another option. You could have dry-erase closet doors and it would be just as fun, if not even more. It’s a great idea for the kids’ room as we all know they like doodling on the walls.

Wallpaper doors.

Frosted glass doors

Instead of replacing your old closet doors because they no longer look good, how about you just give them a makeover? Try a fresh coat of paint or, even better, cover them with wallpaper.

Frosted glass doors.

Frosted glass doors

Personally I’m not a big fan of frosted glass although I admit it can be a great choice sometimes. If you choose it for the closet doors, then be prepared to let guests into your personal world as they won’t completely hide everything that’s inside.