Clock One from Another Country

I like simple things because it is in my nature, but I am not the only one: many people prefer them as we have all come from simple human beings who developed into sophisticated ones in time. Any way this Clock One from Another Country caught my attention through its simplicity and style, the features that make it so useful and desirable. It is just a normal and simple clock that is totally functional, but which has raw wood as support for its mechanism.

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You can place it on your bed side table or on your office desk, as its dimensions allow it and will not be too uncomfortable and take too much space – 4.7″x 5.5″. This clock is made of solid oak and has two brass clock arms that show the time. Actually there are no numbers or other symbols suggesting the hours on the dial, but the designer Simon Donald used for round pegs instead. He placed them on the dial where he should have placed the numbers for the hours 3, 6, 9 and 12. But since our minds are used to these particular places on the clock dial, we can tell the time with the help of these pegs. There are also two longer wood pegs at the back of the clock, supporting it on the table. The item is hand made in Wales and can be bought for $55 from Another Country.