Clifton View 7, A Dream Apartment With Artistic Interior And Spectacular Views

There are many spectacular apartments throughout the world that could be called unique but some of them stand out more than others. The reasons for that are diverse. For this beautiful apartment from Cape Town, South Africa, it’s more like a combination of elements. The apartment is, first of all, contemporary. It was designed by Antoni Associates and constructed in 2012.

Clifton View 7 Apartment11

The style chosen for the design and interior décor is eclectic. It’s also original and consists of a very interesting combination of textures, patterns, materials and colors that result in a dynamic yet somewhat simplistic design. Even though the interior décor is so diverse, dynamic and full of unexpected combinations, the atmosphere is very pleasant and the whole image is harmonious and pleasant to the eye.

Clifton View 7 Apartment

Clifton View 7 Apartment2

Clifton View 7 Apartment3

The apartment occupies the bottom two levels of the building. The clients wanted it to be completely reconfigured. They’ve requested for the apartment to be entirely striped out and redesigned. They wanted it to accommodate four bedrooms, a master suite, a gym, an entertainment area with a cocktail bar, a cinema room and a wine cellar. The layout had to be redesigned as well.

Clifton View 7 Apartment4

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Clifton View 7 Apartment7

Clifton View 7 Apartment8

The location of the apartment is unique. The views are absolutely spectacular and showcase the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the mountains in the distance. The current design of the apartment is quite unusual. The entrance is on the upper level. On the lower level, the dining area forms an open plan with the kitchen and the living room and they all have access to a large outdoor terrace.

Clifton View 7 Apartment9

Clifton View 7 Apartment10

The interior design and décor are dynamic and also a little dramatic. There are lots of eye-catching details that include the beautiful spiral staircase, the artwork used throughout the apartment, the sculptures, the way the styles have been combined, the mix of patterns and texture and the views.