Clever storage solutions using repurposed items

Storage is always a problem, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it can be really frustrating, especially in small spaces. The key to solving the problem is to organize your space functionally and smart. You can come up with numerous clever storage solutions and some of these ideas include repurposed items. Here are some examples to inspire you.

1. Repurposed pail.

Molding shelf

A wine bucket can be quite expensive and it’s not the type of item that is critical to your existence. It’s why alternative solutions are very appreciated in this case. You can use an old galvanized pail to make a beautiful and original beverage bucket. You can suspend it from a birdcage for a more interesting look. Other ideas are equally practical.

2. Repurposed banana crate.

Molding shelf

Vintage items are especially great decorative elements. They have a particular charm that makes them unique. It doesn’t really matter what they were originally used as as long as you can find a new purpose for them. For example, a vintage banana crate would make a beautiful storage unit for pillows, blankets, toys or a variety of other items.

3. Repurposed chairs.

Molding shelf

This is one of the most clever and functional projects. If you have a large dog then you probably noticed that it’s not exactly comfortable for it to eat or drink water when the containers are placed directly on the floor. They need to be placed higher. A chair might be perfect for this. Kids’ chairs have just the right height and you can simply cut bowl-size holes in the seats and make some great food and water stations for your pet. I’m sure it will appreciate the effort.

4. Repurposed bucket.

Molding shelf

An old bucket can be used as a storage space for magazines, books and other items. Just clean out the bucket, add a fresh coat of paint and hang it from a hook by the bedside or in your reading corner. It’s ingenious, simple and original, not to mention practical and functional.

5. Repurposed enamelware serving pieces.

Molding shelf

We often need something to put our coins or notes in something and end up leaving them on the table. Some small containers could solve this problem but other items can be just as useful. A more untraditional and unusual idea is to use old enamelware serving pieces. For example, an enamel place can be used as a magnetic board and a ladle can be used for spare change.

6. Repurposed molding.

Molding shelf

If you renovate your home and decide to go with something more modern and remove the molding, then you can use these salvaged decorative elements and turn them into a shelf. They can still be useful even after they are removed from the walls. They will give character to your home and will be a reminder of its history.{pictures from bhg}.