Clever reading chair with built-in storage space

Nowadays, with the internet and all that, technology tends to replace the old-fashioned practices like reading books for example. Still, some people still enjoy spending some quality time just them and a good book. In order to be able to do that, a comfortable reading chair is usually necessary. This is why designer Jean François d’Or has created the Book lounge chair.

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With its comfortable and simple look, it’s the perfect place where someone could relax while reading a book or maybe a magazine. The lounge chair also has a very clever built-in storage space. The space between the backrest and the seat has been transformed this way into something more than just an area where coins and pencils fall. Now it’s being used for something that can goes perfectly with the purpose of this piece of furniture.

The Book lounge chair has an extremely simple design and a vibrant and happy orange color tone that will turn it into a very pleasant space for reading. It’s not as easy as it sounds to find a nice and quiet place where you can spend some time alone with your book. Usually, I read in bed, but this turn out to be a bad idea because I usually end up falling asleep after a few pages. This can be avoided with this beautiful and functional seat. It occupies little space and it could be really practical and useful, especially with that built-in storage space.