Clever And Space-Saving Hanging Systems For Mugs

There are so many things that need to be stored in a kitchen. It’s why you need to make sure you have enough storage space in here. You need cabinets and shelves for everything from pots and pans to utensils, knives and mugs. To save some space and to also add some functionality to your kitchen décor you can come up with a simple and clever hanging system for the mugs.

Morning coffee cups
Install the hooks on a cabinet for some extra storage space

For example, you can put up some hooks on the wall, above the sink. This way when you wash a mug you can immediately hang it there. It’s very practical because you’ll no longer be using the space inside the cabinet or on the shelves and it’s also easier for you to do this. If you have a wall-mounted cabinet above the sink then it’s even better because you can install the hooks there.

Colorful coffee cups
It’s a solution great for both storing and displaying the mugs
Under shelving hang
Use the space above the cabinet to store items you rarely use and put the mugs underneath for easy access
Industrail look
It’s a very simple and practical storage solution that also allows you be more organized
Hanging cups
You can any cabinet or shelf for this purpose, regardless of where it’s installed
White traditional kitchen
By installing hooks on a shelf you’ll have double the space for storage
Coffee cups hang
You can hang there the mugs that don’t match a set or that don’t fit inside the cabinet
Wall coffee cup hang
You can also use this system if all you want is to display some cool mugs

You can also put up this hanging system somewhere else in the kitchen. Just use any free space you can find. For example you can install hooks on a cabinet regardless of where it’s placed. You can do the same things for a shelf. It’s just some extra storage space you can use without actually interfering with something else. It can also be a great option if all you want to do is display some of your favorite mugs.

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