Graceful Furniture Designs With Clear Glass Legs

All glass furniture used to be a popular trend a while back but nowadays the trend has changed. We still enjoy the occasional glass accents here and there but in smaller doses and better harmonized with other materials. We find contrasts to be more interesting than matching elements and that’s why when it comes to modern furniture a set of clear glass legs look better on a table that has a wooden top than on one that’s entirely made of glass. Today we’ll focus on glass legs and frames and we’ll have a look at a few designs that highlight the details we’ve just mentioned.

Kitchen Extension with a glass Base

Seeing glass furniture in a kitchen is a bit of a surprise but considering the ensemble as a whole this is actually a really elegant addition. We’re talking of course about this table extension that accompanies the island. It has a thick and solid wooden top and a very sleek and delicate-looking glass base that stands on casters. The beauty of the design comes from the contrast between the glass and the top.

Rectangular dining table with wood top and glass base

In the case of this dining table, the glass supports are meant to make it look as if the tabletop is floating. At the same time, this design highlight the top and leaves the space directly under the table more open and accessible. If it weren’t for the green tint of the glass, the base of the table would have been nearly impossible to see.

Live edge top and glass base for dining

A strong contrast is also featured by this elegant table. Supported by only two thin glass panels, the solid wood top becomes the center of attention. Despite how delicate and fragile the base may seem, the glass is actually very strong and sturdy, totally capable of supporting the heavy top.

Modern Dining table with clear glass base

When you deal with this sort of combination of materials you’re open to all sorts of new and unique possibilities in terms of interior design and decor. For example, it would be easier to put the spotlight on a beautiful area rug when it’s not all covered by furniture. At the same time, a table with a glass base or clear glass legs makes the whole room look more airy and spacious.

Dining room table with clear glass legs

Not only is this table really graceful and elegant but its design is also meant to be practical and comfortable. Note the glass legs which form a V shape on either side of the table. This type of design gives the table a sculptural and edgy look while also allowing every guest to sit comfortably.

rustic wood top and clear glass legs table

This sort of design is popular with dining tables although there are also some really impressive and extraordinary coffee tables and consoles that use glass in magnificent ways. However, the combination of materials is usually a little bit different. It’s usually the top that’s made of glass in order to highlight a sculptural base.

Sideboards with Glass Legs

Of course, the opposite is also possible. Here you can see a pair of console tables that have glass legs while their bodies are made of wood and have a compact and solid appearance. The design idea is to make them look lightweight and more space-efficient by visually freeing up the space directly underneath and leaving no barriers that could be interpreted otherwise.

Modern glass nighstand

Furniture with glass legs is one thing but what if the whole frame is made of glass? Imagine a desk made entirely of glass with the exception of the interior drawers or storage compartments or a console table with the sides and top made of glass and a wood section somewhere inside. Perhaps these designs can help with that.

Acrylic furniture accents

Bench and boxes from Acrylic

Glass and acrylic are quite similar in the sense that they both look fragile and delicate when in fact they’re very strong and tough. At the same time, they can both be transparent and this opens the door to a lot of interesting design possibilities like this tufted bench that sits on acrylic legs and those clear storage boxes underneath.

Small wood bench with acrylic legs

If you want to make a table or a bench look as if it’s floating, give it a transparent base. It’s the principle used here. Two clear acrylic panels hold a thick and solid wooden top. It’s a pretty strong contrast and the visual effect is both striking and very stylish.

Chair with Acrylic legs

Chairs are really useful and great to have around but they also take up quite a bit of space, often making the room seem too cluttered or too small. Designs such as this one which have clear acrylic bases can offer an answer to those concerns.