Clean, Fresh Color Palette Trios for the House

Sometimes you need a blank slate. Sometimes you need a clean palette to feel refreshed, revived and organized. It could be in the kitchen or your home office. It could be the guest bathroom or the patio. Wherever you need that clean, fresh color pay attention to that desire.

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When you go for color combinations that are too loud or chaotic, you won’t get the relaxing, breathable vibe everyone wants for their home. For a bit of inspiration, we’ve compiled some palettes to get your wheels turning and get your nooks and crannies feeling rejuvenated!

1. Seafoam Green, Charcoal and Brown.

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Although it’s a darker combination, this trio of colors make for an amazingly stylish and a bit masculine display. The seafoam brings in a richness and the charcoal and brown keeps things mellow and edgy. The unsuspecting pairing of charcoal and brown adds lots of interest. It looks fantastic in the bathroom but we also think it could make an incredible home office as well.

2. Camel, Mango and Cream.

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It’s light and airy. It’s fresh and breathable. Camel, mango and cream make for a powerful, yet soft and sustainable palette. These three are perfect for adorning a very open room or studio apartment as it allow for the illusion of even more space. Don’t overuse the mango, but instead, use it as a very small accent.

3. Oatmeal, White and Robin’s Egg.

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For a clean and cozy bedroom, try a combination of oatmeal, white and robin’s egg blue. Blues always make things fresh and cozy. And the two white shades will help to brighten and refresh. We love how the blue plays center stage while the neutral colors spread out a slick space.

4. Haze, Black and Grey.

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They may not be clean and bright, instead, they’re clean and serene. A muted, slick palette can be just as smooth as an eye-opener trio of colors but it has more of a relaxed, contemporary flair. We love these shades for a urban-inspired living room, dining room or young couple’s bedroom.

5. Lavender, Smoke and Silver.

Eclectic wall levender

Perfect to welcome your guests in the foyer. It’s also great for your teen girl’s bedroom or inspiration for their college dorm! It’s very hipster and trendy, but when paired together create a clean sweep on the walls to the ceiling and the floors. We love using a light lavender shade on the wall as an offbeat neutral foundation too.

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