Claude Monet: Water Lilies Framed Prints Set from the Met

I admit I like the walls of my house to be totally white as it gives the impression of space and I feel like I can’t breathe properly in a house with dark walls for example. But these white walls make a house look empty or naked unless you place some very nice decorations here and there. And if you can’t afford original paintings belonging to great artists you might try your hand at it if you are talented or , even better,purchase some very good reproductions of famous paintings. I surfed the web and I accidentally found the Met store. Yes, it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art that also has an online store where you can purchase many beautiful artistic thins, even some works of art or copies of them. I found these great prints of Monet and I fell in love with them.

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These prints show some painting by Claude Monet where the author showed his passion for water lilies. You can admire the famous works of the Impressionist artist on the wall of your home if you purchase this set now for $128 and you will have the silver frames included. The set contains reproductions of Water Lilies, Night Effect, Bridge Over a Pond of Water Lilies, and two Water Lilies.