Classically Beautiful Apartment With Orange Chairs

Sometimes when you look at an apartment or house you can instantly know if it would be a great home for you or not. It’s something that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the little details like color palette, accent features, etc. but with the basics: architecture, layout, interior décor. To understand this better, take a look at this apartment. It’s that kind of simple but classy space that you can imagine yourself in.

Classically Beautiful2
The apartment is situated on the second floor which is a nice option. It has a tasteful and stylish interior design with beautiful materials and colors. I particularly enjoy the fact that, even though the main color here is white, there are also plenty of other colors used in the décor. The array of vibrant and bold colors is very beautiful and it’s very beautiful how they have all been combined and spread throughout the apartment in order to form a cohesive and balanced décor.

Classically Beautiful

Classically Beautiful34

Classically Beautiful6

Classically Beautiful5

Classically Beautiful3


Classically Beautiful1

Another nice detail about this place is the fact that it has large windows. The kitchen and the living area have bay windows that let in plenty of natural light. The interior design throughout is simple but elegant with classical details. The stucco and the moldings are not necessarily part of the style chosen but they give the rooms a refined look. The rooms are spacious and the apartment is very charming and comfortable.