Classic tradition into a contemporary wall shelf

I live in an old apartment where vintage things appear at every step. The old pieces of furniture, the use of some old decorative items, the vintage paintings on the walls or even the presence of some black and white family paintings on the walls remind me of my grandparents’ house where I could see all these things. Actually, it is a normal thing to see all these, as it is my mother-in-law’s apartment who is about the same age as my grandparents. They are the same generation and share almost the same mentality and things that they have lived this period of time.

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Beerd van Stokkum seems an admirer of these old things and tried to keep them fresh but in a contemporary manner. So, he used the design of a vintage lace and made an interesting “Granny” Wall Shelf. Steel is the material used for this product which offers it a lot of strength and durability. Its length of 85 cm and a depth of 22.5 cm allow you to put many things on it although may be heavy.

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“Granny” is also an elegant shelf, available in black and white nuances. It can be used in any of your rooms like bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom, according to your needs. You can put your books, vases, pictures or cosmetics. Its vintage design will always remind you of your grandmother and the vintage things that were fashionable when she was young. It can also make you think of your childhood and the beautiful moments that you spent near your grandparents or in your grandparents’ house.