Classic Style Bacco kitchen from Neolith

Even though most of us refuse to agree, we tend to spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether we’re cooking, making a snack, preparing a drink or simply smoking or drinking a cup of coffee, we involuntary spend time in kitchen. Actually, by dong that, we encourage others members of the family to do the same thing. So the kitchen is a very frequented room in the house, This means we need to try to make it as pleasant and inviting as possible.

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One way of doing that is by choosing wooden furniture. This always helps create a more warm and family-like atmosphere. The Bacco kitchen that we’re going to present to you today helps you achieve that. It’s a very beautiful, classical kitchen, with wooden pieces of furniture and very stylish decorations. The kitchen is very functionally organized, making cooking more pleasant and easy.

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There is plenty of storage space for all the utensils you normally use in the kitchen. There are shelves, drawers and even a nice space to display ornamental and decorative items. The wood has a dark brown finish, which in combination with the grey elements creates a nice and pleasant contrast. The overall image is very elegant and even chic. This kitchen is somewhere between modern and traditional, with elements from both sides.Pics from Neolith.