Top 3 Dining Room Designs We Love

Dining rooms are special rooms that have a certain flavour and a certain nostalgia because they imply family reunions and warm cozy atmosphere over the dinner table. That is why their design must be carefully chosen so as to reflect this atmosphere exactly. Here are three beautiful dining rooms that we love and that we saw presented on House to home.

1. The red and blue classic dining room

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This is a traditional dining room, sumptuous and elegant, showing class and style. It is decorated in blue and red and the materials used are expensive and have rich textures like the blue velvet of the chairs and the rich embroidery. The round table in the middle is also classic and the blinds in red and blue come to complement the chairs and the same hue of blue of the walls.

2. The country living room

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The second choice for the dining room has a nice pastoral design and is all decorated in pastel colours, with small flowers and country elements. There’s the wooden floors with the natural wood table combined with the white chairs and cabinet, the flowery pattern on the white table cloth and also the nice garden flowers in a simple vase in the middle of the table. All these are very much defining for the country style as is the transparent curtain, the white wall clock and the nice hanging lamps over the dinner table. Everything is serene and nice and peace flows in the air.

3. Black-and-white dining room

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This combination of colours is both modern and classic and it goes very well with the minimalistic style chosen by the designer of this room. The walls and the doors and the windows are immaculate and the furniture is black. The chairs are a combination of black and white in order not to bring a too gloomy atmosphere. Even the details and accessories are carefully chosen to fit the general pattern of the room, so they are all black or white: the lamp is fixed on the white wall, so it is white; the nice candle holder and the simple vase are placed on the black table, so they are black, too. The overall tone is made a bit gentle by the wooden floor that kepts its natural colour of the wood.

The point is that every design is beautiful in its own way and you just need to choose the one that fits you.