Classic Italian Manor Surrounded By Gorgeous Landscape

Situated in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, this beautiful manor was originally built hundreds of years ago. It used to be a farmhouse until 2004 when it got renovated and transformed. The manor, known as Casa Bramasole, has been renovated with great care as to preserve as much of the original character as possible. The result was this beautiful old look with a few modern twists.

Umbrian villa

The interior of the manor is a nice mix of old and new. The original brickwork has been preserved along with the exposed wooden beams and lots of other elements. Combined with modern furniture they all look stunning. Inside there’s a beautiful fireplace that makes the atmosphere feel very warm and inviting. The living area features exposed brick walls, leather couches and a lovely antique desk.

Umbrian villa1

Umbrian villa2

Umbrian villa3

Umbrian villa4

Umbrian villa5

Umbrian villa6

Umbrian villa7

The kitchen is quite different. It’s state-of-the-art, with a beautiful arch and a pizza oven. The dining room is situated right on the other side of the arch and it has classic chairs and a very nice rustic charm.

Umbrian villa8

Umbrian villa9

Umbrian villa10

Umbrian villa11

Umbrian villa12

Umbrian villa13

Umbrian villa14

Umbrian villa15

Umbrian villa16

Umbrian villa17

The manor has a total of 7 bedrooms. The interior décor is indeed very charming but the views are also stunning. You can rent the place and enjoy all the wonderful views the area offers. It’s a luxurious manor with a rich history and lots of character and charm.