Classic Georgian Property With Caribbean Influences

The idea of a manor sends you back in time to the last two centuries when noble people afforded to have huge properties for them and their family. The manor was almost like a visit card; the bigger, the best.  Nowadays people prefer luxurious houses, but not with the same number of rooms. Why would you need nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms, for instance?

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It seems that the owners of the next manor must not think the same way. After all, spending $32,000,000 on a property is a sign that you really want it. The house is indeed charming, making you feel special just for entering it. It gives you a noble feeling and by its majesty makes you feel privileged. The manor’s design is inspired from the 17th century. Occupying 22,163 Sq. Ft., the classical Georgian manor has two large floors.

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You will be amazed how many rooms you will find in this house, and how diverse they are. Besides the obvious living room, kitchen and several bedrooms, the manor also has powder rooms, a library, an office, cellar woodworking shop, hobby studio, a pine bar, elevator and a 3-car garage.

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The manor’s design is splendid and completed by the 17th century fireplaces and the elegant crystal chandeliers. All the interiors suggest elegance and high class and that is due to the high class materials the designers used, such as marble, southern heart-pine and exotic hardwoods. Besides the interiors, the landscape is also amazing offering you a unique view with rare and exotic plants.