Classic Cardiff Tufted Armchair

This mid-century beauty is actually a combination of classic designs and modern elements that work together harmoniously to create a very comfortable and elegant armchair design. Combining looks and comfort is an easy process. Sometimes this results in this sad failures as the final product is either very comfy but not that attractive for anyone to buy it, either a beautiful piece that’s not that comfortable to use, so that’s not good either.

Cardiff Tufted Armchair

In this case the combination was a big success. Despite its robust look, the Cardiff Tufted armchair has a sort of elegance and grace that’s rare nowadays. This is a features that comes from the classic style that’s very visible in this case. The dimensions of the armchair are 36” wide x 39” deep x 37” high. As for the materials used, the frame is made of kiln-dried wood and the comfort is given by the T-shaped seat and back cushions.

The back is also curved, following the silhouette of the body and offering a more comfortable seating position. There are a lot of different fabric options to choose from. The armchair can also be customized with a specific color choice. There are over 75 custom fabrics and colors to choose from. You can choose something that matches with the rest of your furniture or, on the contrasry, something that would create a nice contrast.Available for 591 Euros.