Classic and stylish mid-century crib

If you think babies don’t need to have beautiful furniture in their homes then you’re wrong. This crib for example is simple but it’s also elegant and stylish. It’s not the eye-catching type of stylish. It’s a lovely centerpiece or the nursery. The classical design and the simple structure make this crib simply beautiful.The crib has an x-base structure and cone-shaped legs. Its classic mid-century design makes it both elegant and versatile.

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It doesn’t feature any specific color. It has a natural wood finish that basically matched with everything. Its design is in fact a mix of vintage and modern. It has metal sabot detailing on the legs and a durable hardwood construction. The sides of the crib are not adjustable and yet it’s a flexible unit. It has 3-position mattress support and it’s made of solid European beech wood.

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The crib is safe and it meets and even exceeds voluntary and mandatory crib standards set by the ASTM, the American Society for Testing and Materials. The safety standards are very high and are also in conformity with the CPSC, CPSIA and JPMA Certification Program. The crib is made of wood and has a non-toxic finish that protects the texture of the material and also enhances its natural beauty. The crib is simple and cute. It also has another interesting feature. You can simply add a toddler gate and convert the crib into a toddler bed. It’s easy and simple. The crib’s overall dimensions are 53.5”L x 37.5”H x 30”W and it costs $980.00.