“Cirrata” Lamp by Markus Johansson

The wonderful world of waters… O world full of mysteries, populated by strange beings. Water, this vital element of life is as much as necessary as unforeseeable. From the beauty of the sandy beaches from the shore of the oceans to the disaster provoked by the destructing force of waters, this amazing world seems to surprise us every day. Among the wracks on the bottom of the ocean you may see creatures that seem to lead a fierce fight for survival.

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With an innovative vision, the Swedish designer Markus Johansson created a lamp which looks like an octopus. This lamp was made of polymer corian.Corian is a decorative surface, based on a high performance and a combination of aluminum and acrylic polymers. The strong point of this material is the fact that it can take almost any shape.

The octopus has eight tentacles with cups and is famous for its dark substance which disturbs the water that it eliminates when it is followed. Also, the octopuses are fishing for their meat which is very appreciated in gastronomy.This sea creature has also gave the name of this TV serial from 1984 called “ LA Piovra” where the Michele Placido plays the role of the well known police inspector, Corrado Cattani.This unique lamp, designed by Markus Johansson placed in a wonderful décor definitely will attract the appreciation of all the visitors of your house.