Circuit Decor Shelves

Everybody wants their house to be unique and unlike any other in the whole world. We all want personality and style, whether our homes are big or small. And in order for us to have this we must get unique furniture and accessories and this way our dream will come true. Bookshelves are the perfect way for you to show your personality as you can display what you like on them and decorate them according to your own taste, besides or instead of books. These beautiful Circuit Decor Shelves seem like the perfect opportunity for somebody to express their style.

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These shelves are offered by Bellini Modern Living, which are pretty famous for their high quality and innovative furniture. These shelves are quite innovative, with a daring and modern design and yet very practical and nice looking. The rectangular wenge oak frame looks amazing against a white wall and represents the perfect place for supporting the shiny nickel plated steel brackets. The four glass molded shelves are the only one interrupting this black beauty oak frame and giving a touch of fragility to the piece of furniture.