How To Make A Snow Globe For A Sparkling Christmas

Snow globes are loved by kids and enjoyed by adults because they’re lovely decorations that let us invite winter into our homes and bring a little piece of happiness inside. Being so popular, you can find these ornaments in just about any store during the holiday season but if you want something special then you can make one yourself.


To make a sparkling snow globe you only need a few simple things such as a small glass jar, a small toy, perhaps a small animal, a tiny fir tree, spray adhesive, mod podge, super glue, water, glycerin and gold and silver glitter. Use spray adhesive to cover the tiny animal you’ve chosen with glitter and then seal it with mod podge. Glue it to the bottom of the jar together with the tree. Then fill the jar with water and add some glitter.{found on camillestyles}.

Cookie Jar Snow Globe DIY

A cookie jar can be a great container for making a snow globe. Don’t these look lovely? To make something similar you’ll need miniature trees and some other holiday decorations, white or clear glitter, glue, baker’s twine and water. Glue the accessories to the cookie jar and then sprinkle glitter and add water. Put the lid on and seal it with glue. Decorate with twine. {found on tagandtibby}.

Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

Using pretty much the same materials you can make am upside down snow globe in a jar. The idea is quite simple actually and beautifully described on julieannart. You need a jar with a lid, distilled water, liquid glycerin, glitter, figurines, glue and mod podge sealer. You’ll be gluing the figurines to the inside of the lid to hide the base and cover it with glitter.

mini winter terrariums

A similar idea would be to make a mini terrarium which would share some things in common with a snow globe but would in fact be different. Use a glass jar, salt, pebbles, moss, mini animal figures, cardboard, hot glue and spray paint. You can find further instructions on babbledabbledo. You can offer these cute terrariums as gifts or keep them for yourself and display them around the house.

Modern holiday globe

A holiday vignette can be crafted in a similar way. We found a wonderful tutorial for this type of project on abeautifulmess. The supplies needed include glass domes or bell jars, small fir trees, faux snow, white sequins, LED fairy lights and other ornaments you want to add. You can make a themed vignette using specific decorations.

Snow globe toppers

An interesting alternative to the traditional snow globe in a jar can be a snow globe jar topper. You can make one using plastic ornaments, glue and miniature decorations. You’ll only be using half or the ornament to make a topper. Cut out a circle to make a sort of lid for the dome and hot glue your decorations to it. Add some fake snow in the dome and then put the lid on and turn it upside down. Use glue to secure the pieces together. You can find out more about this project on damasklove.