Original Christmas Decorations Which You Can Craft Yourself

There’s nothing wrong with buying your Christmas decorations at the supermarket or other local stores…in fact there are some really cute and interesting ones you can find there and you’d be saving a lot of time by choosing not to turn the whole thing into a DIY project. Still, we have to admit that handmade decorations have something special, something that makes them stand out from all the others. The main advantage of crafting your own Christmas decorations is that you can make something unique and different from what everyone else has. Apart from that, it can be a really fun thing to do and the whole family can get involved.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

It’s also useful to craft your own decorations when you simply can’t find anything in stores that suits your style. Christmas decorations usually tend to be very colorful, sparkly and visually striking and this can be disappointing for those that prefer minimalism. Let’s say you’re not a big fans of real Christmas trees, especially the large kind. Perhaps you’d like to make a small tree out of wood instead. A wood Christmas tree would be a rustic meets modern kind of project.

Paper Pieced Christmas Tree Wall Art Tutorial

If you’re more comfortable working with paper, we have something in store for you as well. It’s a paper pieced Christmas tree which you can display on the wall and customize however you want. You would. however, need a wood pallet for this project. You could replace it with a piece of plywood or canvas. Make a selection of patterned paper in Christmassy colors and start folding.

DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Trees

Another option is felt. You can make some really cute and beautiful Christmas ornaments using this material, like these rustic felt trees. They’re really easy to make and all you need is some green felt, a hot glue gun and small wood slices. You can get a big fallen branch and cut it into pieces to make the tree trunks. It would be useful to have a sewing machine to save time making the felt trees.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree Ornaments

An idea can also be to personalize the usual Christmas ornaments, those colorful plastic balls that everyone hangs in their Christmas trees. If you prefer something simpler and with a touch of Scandinavian charm, perhaps you’d like to use wood balls instead. You have several options. You can put several balls together on a string and make a mini wreath or you can use them individually, either as they are or dipped in paint. Either way, you’ll end up with some lovely Scandinavian Christmas ornaments.

Make a Giant Christmas Countdown Tag

It comes a time when you know Christmas is just around the corner and everyone starts counting the days until the fun begins. You can turn that into a decoration. We’re talking a Christmas countdown tag. It can be a fun decoration for the home as well as for the office. This is what you’ll need: an extra large unfinished wood tag (of a piece of wood which you can cut yourself), red paint, black chalkboard vinyl and white stickers.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

Want to bring the scent of Christmas into your home or to make something cute for the front porch? How about a Christmas topiary? We have the perfect tutorial for that. It involves a garden tomato cage, a bucket, a bunch of Christmas tree branches or artificial green garlands if you want it to be reusable and some pine cones. The bucket is the container which holds the topiary and the greenery is attached to the cage until it covers it up completely. The pine cones can be left as they are or can be painted.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

We have another idea which lets you infuse your home with the scent of Christmas: a Christmas chandelier made using spruce twigs, string, and metal wire. Obviously, you need to have a chandelier or pendant lamp to start with. You make two circles using thick metal wire and you decorate the large one with spruce clippings. You’ll have to tie white wool or string around the smaller circle, making sure you cut them to the same length. You then connect the two circles with wire and you hang your new chandelier ornament, placing the light source at the center.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

The spruce chandelier we mentioned earlier looks a bit like a wreath and that inspired us to share another lovely project with you: a felt leaf wreath. To make something like this you need felt in various shades of green, wire, a needle and embroidery thread and a hot glue gun. It’s going to take a while to cut all those leaves and after that to sew together so go find yourself a movie to watch during this time. You can simplify your work by gluing the felt leaves onto a flat wreath form. It could be made of cardboard, wood or whatever other option you find practical.

DIY Modern Wooden Christmas Trees

We love simplified Christmas trees and these plywood ones are pretty great. To make modern Christmas trees as cute as these, you’ll need this plywood, a saw and paint in various colors that you like. With a pencil, outline the shape of the trees, making it as simple and easy to cut as possible. The use the saw to cut out the trees in sets of two, sand down the edges and cut slits (one at the bottom of a tree and one at the top of the other. Put the pieces together. Don’t forget to paint them.

Festive Felted Christmas Star Banner

Every Christmas tree needs a star but it doesn’t necessarily have to sit at the top. A stylish alternative can be a star banner which you can display on the tree anywhere you want. We can tell you what you’ll need to make such a decoration. The list includes felt fabric, cotton thread, a star template (you can make this yourself) a needle and yarn. Cut out a bunch of felt stars and then string them into a banner. Make sure it fits your Christmas tree.

DIY Mini Yarn Christmas Trees

Aren’t these tiny Christmas trees adorable? They’re perfect decorations for the mantel or the desk. To make these mini yarn trees you’ll need a bunch of yarn in various shades of green (or any other colors you prefer), floral wire, super glue and wine corks or wooden dowels. Making these trees is easier than you probably anticipate. Just take some yarn and wrap it around your fingers, slide it out, then take a piece of wire that’s bent in half and slide it over the yarn. Twist it to secure the yarn and to create a tree stump which you’ll need insert into the dowel (or cork). At the end, trim the yarn in the shape of a tree.

Terrarium Ornaments for Christmas Tree

There are a bunch of cool and original ways in which you can personalize your Christmas tree ornaments. For instance, you can make some mini terrarium ornaments. You’ll need a bunch of clear glass ornaments (the larger the better), a small funnel, dry soil, moss, succulents(or other greenery) and ribbon or twine. You can also add small pebbles and other things you find fit for the project.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

Some cute mini wreaths might also look beautiful in your Christmas tree. You can make some out of mason jar rings. You’ll need a hot glue gun and yarn, twine string, thread or whatever else you can wrap around the rings. You can use fishing line to hang them. Making these mason jar ring wreaths is pretty easy, especially if you’re already familiar with the technique.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

By now you probably have a pretty good idea of how you’ll be decorating your Christmas tree this year. But what about the rest of the house? We have a few ideas for that too. For instance, check out our tutorial on shadowbox Christmas ornaments. They’re basically shadowboxes filled with things like pine cones, Christmas tree ornaments, and other holiday-themed items. You can display them on walls or shelves.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

These Christmas-scented candles are pretty easy to make and you can offer them as gifts or use them to bring Christmas into your own home. To make the candles you need glass jars  (or other small containers), soy wax flakes, candle wicks, essential oils (we suggest peppermint, tea tree or cinnamon), crayons for color, glue and bamboo skewers.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

A Christmas mobile is another stylish decoration which you can display in your home at this point. If you replace the small spruce twig with something else, it can become an all year round decoration. In any case, here’s what you need for this craft: big wooden rings (the kind used for hanging curtains), small brass rings (also for curtains), small spruce twigs, wooden beads and a string.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

The supplies needed to make the mobile we just mentioned as also more or less what you need to make these stylish table setting decorations. Each one is made using a wooden ring, a metal ring, some metal wire and a tiny green twig. The design is reminiscent of wreaths and goes well with minimalist and neutral-colored table settings. A white table cloth, for instance, would be a nice choice.

Rustic and Modern Wood Christmas Tree

Have you ever made Christmas crackers (or poppers)? They’re those tubes with confetti in them usually popular on parties. We can show you how to make marbled Christmas crackers. It’s actually pretty easy. you need A4 paper, a disposable tin, cracker snaps, cardboard tubes (the tp ones would work just fine), strong glue, cord, nail varnish and a skewer. The most fun part is coloring the paper so it looks like marble.