Choosing the Right Wallpaper for Your Space

Many say that painting a room is the best, most cost-effective way to freshen it up in a major way. While this is true, there are some limitations to what paint alone can do. Enter: the wonderful world of wallpaper. Wallpaper is a fantastic medium to bring pattern, either bold or subtle, into a space. Today’s market includes such a huge variety of colors and styles that the sky is (almost) the limit.

Today’s wallpaper dilemma is not, “To wallpaper or not to wallpaper, that is the question.” Today’s dilemma is choosing the right one! Here are some wallpaper successes, and a brief analysis of why they succeed in their respective areas.


Bathroom wallpaper

Clean-Lined Geometric – In a small entryway, a smaller scale geometric wallpaper brings immediate significance to the space. The pattern is busy, which means fewer wall “artifacts” are required, which is a bonus in any small-square-footage room. This particular geometric pattern provides visual appeal up close (and sets off the crisp white mouldings and window trim), and it almost turns into a neutral background from a few steps away…the best of both worlds for this homeowner’s seemingly simple-sophisticate aesthetic.


Bathroom wallpaper

Bold Modernist – In a space where linear furniture prevails, such as this office nook here, a bold black-and-white vertical stripe rarely fails. Because the look of this pattern is clean, it goes well with minimalist décor. It also adds importance to otherwise small and seemingly insignificant spaces. I love how the chunkiness of this classic stripe contrasts ever so slightly with the thinner furniture lines. I think I’d be constantly inspired, working from this office space!


Bathroom wallpaper

Romantic Serenity – The bedroom is a perfect place to create an oasis, a getaway, a relaxing space where feelings of calm and peace (and sleep, of course!) prevail. This wallpaper’s combined soft color palette, flowery design, and slight metallic sheen illuminates light and the pattern itself and bespeak complete serenity. Particularly as one accent wall (rather than the entire bedroom), the wallpaper soothingly draws all the attention. I think the contrast of straight lines of nearly everything else in this space makes the wallpaper even more of a highlight.
Kids’ Room.

Bathroom wallpaper

Cheery Simplicity – We want our children to be stimulated and happy (but not overstimulated and anxious); wallpaper has the power to do just that, in just the right doses. In this instance, mustard-y yellow block trees of varying sizes bring out a fresh yet retro feel to this child’s bedroom. No additional wall art in the bedroom is necessary, which is a bonus from a safety standpoint. The deeper yellow and brown shades work nicely with warm honey-wood tones, while a perfect pop of mint green on the table keeps things fresh.


Bathroom wallpaper

Natural Beauty – Wallpaper can provide an excellent softening touch to spaces with a colder décor scheme. Take this space, for instance. Pastel botanical wallpaper breathes life and color into a glossy, high-end bathroom. Without the nature-inspired pattern of this wallpaper, the room would likely appear cold and sterile, what with its marble tile, ornate lighting, and brass fixtures. As it is, however, the room is bright, inviting, and perfectly balanced. The modern print of the wallpaper keeps things fresh.

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