Choosing The Right Color For Your Bedroom: Symbolism And Suggestions

As you already know, each color is associated with numerous concepts, emotions and reactions. They differ from society to society and from person to person but some of these symbolisms tend to be constants. For example, white is a common color in weddings but not everywhere. In hindu tradition, red is the most conspicuous color for wedding dresses. The same goes for black. It’s the color chosen for sad ceremonies, in particular for funerals. But in China, white is the color of mourning and the ones used in funerals. As you can see, there is no universal rule that can associate a certain color with a single emotion and event.

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Still, what is certain is that certain colors have a calming effect while others are more dynamic. For example, blue and green are calming hues. They are also cool shades and they’re usually combines with warmer tones such as orange, red or yellow. Each color has a complementary color and it’s usually among the first ones to be chosen when combining several shades. When you choose the color of a room, it’s important to take into consideration what is the use for the room and the atmosphere you want to create inside.

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In the case of the bedroom, the atmosphere needs to be serene, calm and tranquil. For that, you need to opt for colors that can create this effect, colors such as soft blue, green, peach or other similar hues. But before you do that, analyze the color you have in mind from a personal point of view. Try to see what effect it has on you because it can be different from person to person.

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Most commonly, each color is associated with certain reactions and sensations. For example, red is associated with passion and excitement, orange with warmth and happiness, yellow with cheer and sometimes with frustration, green with tranquility and cooling, blue with peace and serenity, purple with spirituality and peace, white with purity and cold and black with unhappiness and sadness. However, these reactions can be different, as we demonstrated in the first paragraph.

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So depending on what a particular color symbolizes for you and what you wish the atmosphere to be like in the bedroom, you could choose red for romance, blue for tranquility, while if the room is small and you want to make it seem larger, etc. but the decision should ultimately be based on your personal preferences and tastes.

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