Choosing the right color for a small room

Choosing the color for a room is not a difficult decision. It’s something that needs to be done after taking into consideration several factors such as the size of the room, its orientation, the style you have chosen for the interior, what the room will be used for, etc. In the case of a small room, there are several colors that would work nicely.

1. Bold shades.

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In the case of a small room, a bold color would make it feel very concentrated and it will allow it to shine in other ways than through its dimensions. By choosing a bold color such as orange or green, you make the room stand out. Of course, such a rich color requires special attention to details as well so it would be best to not mix it with anything else in order to avoid making the room feel cluttered and smaller than it actually is.

2. Shades of grey.

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Grey is a very versatile color. It’s the result of mixing the neutrals, black and white, and it’s a shade that it easy to combine and mix with other colors. For example, a small grey room would benefit from some colorful accent pieces such as a colorful rug, colorful bedding, a bold lamp or some rich textures.

3. Strong contrasts.

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In a small room it would also be interesting to play with contrasts. By mixing light and dark shades you create a somewhat dramatic look and you can freely emphasize the elements that you want to stand out. You can create subtle focal point without using too much color. You can also play with textures and maintain and simple and warm atmosphere.

4. Sunny yellow.

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Yellow is a very bright and cheerful color. It’s the color of the sun and it’s mostly used because of its brightness. It creates a summer-like feel and it’s a color that would work beautifully in a small room. It would really make it pop and it’s a shade that could compensate for poor lighting. It looks great in winter and it’s also perfect for summer.

5. Glowing orange.

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Orange is also a very strong color and it’s a little more difficult to approach than most shades. First of all, you need to be careful when choosing the shade of orange. Too pale might look dull while too concentrated would be tiresome for the eyes. Orange is a color that looks especially nice when combined with blue and turquoise accents.